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DFP - Don Ferguson Productions - Canadian Production Company


TeleVision - film - digital


DFP - Don Ferguson Productions - Canadian Production Company


TeleVision - film - digital

Toronto based Don Ferguson Productions (DFP) was created by award-winning comedian, writer and producer Don Ferguson. DFP develops and produces compelling, original content for television, digital and film.

Broadcast partners include;

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Our Productions

Our Productions

Our Productions

Our Productions


PETE SAMCRAS - NEW Comedy Web Series - Premiering April 2019 on CBC Comedy

Watch Episode 1 here

New sketch series created by Chris Wilson, Sam Mullins and Peter Carlone. With appearances by Colin Mochrie, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Liz Johnston, Rakhee Morzaria, Kevin Vidal, Stacey McGunnigle, Brandon Hackett, James Gangl and Kris Siddiqi.

second jen

Nominated for Best Comedy at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards!

Second Jen is a comedy about experiencing all your FIRSTS with your BEST and hoping it’s not the WORST.  The series centres around two second-generation millennials struggling to assert their independence, while dealing with their overbearing immigrant families. Created by and starring Samantha Wan and Amanda Joy.

air farce NYE 2018

Nominated for Best Variety or Entertainment Special and Best Writing in Variety or Sketch Comedy at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards!

Air Farce’s annual New Year’s Eve special is a year-end take on the biggest news stories and the most important figures of the year. Starring Don Ferguson, Luba GoyCraig Lauzon,  Darryl Hinds, Jessica HolmesChris Wilson and Isabel Kanaan along with a stellar line-up of special guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics, news, and sports. Air Farce New Year’s Eve remains one of the country’s highest-rated comedy specials of the year averaging 1.8 million viewers.

My kitchen can be anything

My Kitchen Can Be Anything is jam-packed with some of Canada's funniest comedians playing alongside Pat Thornton. From the minds of Eric Toth (Bill and Sons Towing, The Imponderables, Still Standing) and Pat Thornton (Sunnyside, Satisfaction, Space Janitors) My Kitchen Can Be Anything is a fantasy comedy series shot in Pat Thornton’s kitchen but takes place anywhere but in Pat Thornton’s kitchen.

To watch My Kitchen Can Be Anything click here! 

newborn moms

Newborn Moms is the untold story of what it’s like to be a new parent struggling with sleepless nights, self-doubt and swollen boobs. We follow our two hero moms Rosie and Julie as they second-guess their way through dealing with their children, husbands, and other judgmental moms without losing their minds, or only slightly losing their minds. The series celebrates the joys of parenthood while wallowing in the poop-filled chaos that is real-life for any new parent.  Starring Aurora Browne and Nadine Djoury.

To watch Newborn Moms click here!

Why Horror?

Horror entertainment is a global phenomenon. Millions of people love it, but horror fans are often misunderstood. Tal Zimerman should know. He’s one of them. Tal is a horror journalist and a full-fledged fan of everything deep dark and disgusting. But lately he's been asking himself WHY? Why is it that he and millions of other people are obsessed with horror?

Tal sits down with leading genre filmmakers, writers, musicians, historians, anthropologists and psychologists around the world, to discover why we enjoy being scared.

To watch Why Horror? trailer click here!

comedy bar

An original short-form comedy series about a struggling comedian (Gary Rideout Jr.) who opens a bar so that his buddies (Pat Thornton, Tal Zimmerman, and Norm Sousa) have somewhere to drink and perform.

In the second season of the show, Gary's big mouth puts the bar in jeopardy, Tal directs a documentary about Pat's desperate search for love, and Norm keeps putting the moves on Sandra (Natalie Brown), the bar’s newest addition to the management staff.

CBC All-Star comedy homecoming

As part of CBC Television's 50th anniversary celebration,  CBC’S All-Star Comedy Homecoming featured many of Canada’s top comedic talents, on stage and on screen together for the first time.

Hosted by stars of Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the show was packed with Canadian comedy legends, including the first reunion of The Kids In the Hall (Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson), Brent Butt, Jeremy Hotz, Ron James, Elvira Kurt, David Steinberg, Sean Cullen, Joe Flaherty, Steve Smith, Dave Broadfoot and Don Harron.

royal canadian air farce

With an audience of over a million viewers per episode, Air Farce is still Canada’s most enduring and successful television comedy series.

Royal Canadian Air Farce’s annual New Year's Special is a tradition that began in 1992 and continues today.

The original cast of Roger AbbottDon FergusonLuba Goy and John Morgan expanded over the years to include Jessica HolmesCraig LauzonAlan ParkPenelope Corrin, Arnold Pinnock, Darryl Hinds, Emma HunterAisha Alfa, Lisa Gilroy, Isabel Kanaan and Chris Wilson.


SketchCom featured the funniest sketch comedy troupes from across the country. In an effort to foster new talent and discover the next generation of comedians, SketchCom’s 13 episodes introduced 20 young, up-and-coming sketch comedy troupes to a national audience on CBC Television.

Many alumni of the show went on to great success in Canada and the U.S., including Shaun Majumder, Gavin Crawford, Sean Cullen, The Daily Show’s Jason Jones, and two of the creators of the hit Tony Award-winning musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, Lisa Lambert and Bob Martin.

Blind Spot

Blind Spot is a documentary about three blind adventurers who cross the Argentinean Andes on horseback.

The film documents this epic, horse-powered trek of travelers united by trust and courage, who overcome countless challenges on their mountain pilgrimage. During a 2-week guided expedition in the wilderness of northern Patagonia, the riders chart a route of inner exploration to discover a place where adversity and joy become interchangeable, where blindness leads to clarity, and disability creates possibility.


In Development NEW


In Development NEW



Rapp Battlez


Rapp Battlez is a high-energy, off-the-wall mix of rapping, comedy and spectacle. With strobe-lighting and confetti tossed in for good measure; think 8 Mile parody meets the WWE, only more outrageous.





Cowtown follows sisters/roommates BREE and CHARLIE, as they overcome past grievances, present failures and future identity crises, all set in the city that brought you 10 days of Stampede debauchery and the slogan “is that the place close to Banff”? Cowtown is the first ever female driven series to expose the rift between two Canadian cities: Toronto and Calgary. It’s a comedic take on life in Western Canada and dives into the tension that pits the West against the East.




Terry Knutssen and Jeremy Luxford are two of the worst people alive.  After Terry quits his soul crushing office job, he recruits his closest friend Jez to join him in a half-baked plan to set themselves up as drug dealers - easy money, right? Unwavered by a complete lack of experience and connections, and absent of any common sense fear that should hinder their endeavour, the two plunge head first into the seedy underbelly of the big city drug world.


The Joint


The Joint is the hottest wedding venue in thanks to husband-and-husband team Curtis & Dan and their fiery business 
partner Gwen.   A touching and hilarious look at our societal constructs, The Joint peels back the layers of the the multi-billion dollar wedding industry and the lengths we'll go to find love. 

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Generacial Gap


Generacial Gap follows the modern love story of biracial couple, Milennial Rosabelle and Gen-Xer Adam, as they deal with the challenges of bridging culture, age and race.  From their 13 year age difference, to their vastly different cultural upbringing, to diverging career paths, these gaps are where the humour and heart resides.


Section Z


Zombies are real and their wholesale extermination is big business for some of the most powerful corporations on earth. Section Z has become the biggest brand on the planet and live broadcasts of their “hunters” battling the zombie outbreaks are on TV screens worldwide. When Clara, a self-professed Section Z superfan, gets an  interview for her shot of joining the team,  she feels it is a dream come true.
Then she gets the job.



Canada 1870: A Jamaican sugar trader, East Indian Coolie, Asian railway worker, a fleeing African American slave, meet in a chance altercation in Toronto... Together along with a First Nation’s guide, they decide to travel to the unsettled Canadian west to start new lives. They end up bringing their culture and ultimately new brand of law and order to the rough prairie landscape in a new settlement called “Greenhorn”.




Happily married mother of two, Harper Strong, lived the suburban dream.  But all that changed on her 30th birthday, when she stumbles into the career path of protecting Earth from magical creatures, as an ENFORCER.  In this Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Dr. Who world, where anything can happen, Harper must balance saving the world and making sure she picks up the kids from soccer practice on time.   

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Loosely based on the true story of the writers/filmmakers, Inconceivable is the story of Rita and Adam; two twenty-somethings who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant. Rita (24) identifies as a lesbian and works as mental health worker while Adam (25) is an man child indie-filmmaker who avoids commitment. Inconceivable showcases an 
authentic look at Vancouver’s queer culture, its indie film scene, and the unique struggles facing new parents of the millennial generation. 

Forever Home-2.png

Forever Home


Forever Home  follows interracial couple, Leonard (a practical Asian engineer) and Jackie (an idealistic white cat lady), who run a cat café that just happens to be located directly beneath the living space of Leonard’s overbearing immigrant parents. Forever Home is about the work it takes to create and maintain a successful marriage, set against the backdrop of an interracial divide, whilst neck-deep in a pile of cats.

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On A Quest


Two loveable low-level heroes fall into a dangerous fantasy world and are both given the prophecy of being its legendary savior.

Step one: Find a weapon. Step two: Find pants.

Planet Arf


Planet Arf is an introspective look into the bizarre minds of bizarre dog owners at the not-so-bizarre dog park, set within the framework of a murder mystery.  Betcha you didn't see that coming did ya? 

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A frustrated woodworker leaves her hometown in the Maritimes to chase success in the big city, but finds only Bluebird - a failing woodshop run by a cast of misfits. Similar to the whimsical and earnest tone of Detectorists, Bluebird takes bits of dark satire, observational humour, and traditional sitcom elements, combining them into a melancholic, sincere comedy that isn’t afraid to tug at the heartstrings.


Out With Dad


One of the most successful Canadian web series ever created, Out With Dad is a coming of age story of a teenager and her single father, dealing with her acceptance of her sexuality.   Since the web series premiered, it has garnered countless awards,  40,000 subscribers and over 25 million viewers on YouTube alone. 

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DFP - Demo Reel

Demo Reel

DFP - Demo Reel

Demo Reel