How To Pitch A TV Show In Canada

DFP supports emerging voices as well as established talent, so we want to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of pitch is DFP looking for?

We are currently looking for projects that could be live-action sitcoms, web series, feature-length comedies, and documentaries.

What sort of pitching material should I submit?

DFP’s development team are all voracious readers, so we will review pitches, scripts and bibles.  We also accept supporting materials like proof-of-concept videos or sizzle reels.

However, we highly recommend you submit a one page pitch, which clearly states the intent of the series.

Why do I need a production company to produce my project?

DFP is a Canadian independent production company which works with creators, networks and funding agencies to produce content.  Canada has a complex system of tax credits, funding agencies and licensing in order to create content, whether it’s conventional television, web or feature films.  A production company helps navigate all these and makes sure you translate your script to screen. It is recommended (but not necessary) to find an independent Canada production company before you go pitch a project to a network.  It acts as a safety net for the network, because a known prodco won’t run off with all its money!

Can I submit a script / pitch bible to DFP?

The current Development Slate is closed. Please check back soon for updates!