Rapp Battlez


Rapp Battlez is a high-energy, off-the-wall mix of rapping, comedy and spectacle, with strobe-lighting and confetti tossed in for good measure; think 8 Mile parody meets the WWE, only more outrageous.

See Rapp Battlez live at the JFL Festival in Montreal!

July 27th - 8:30PM   @ Loto-Québec Stage *FREE SHOW

For tickets visit: www.hahaha.com/en/show/rapp-battlez


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Generacial Gap


Generacial Gap follows the modern love story of biracial couple, Milennial Rosabelle and Gen-Xer Adam, as they deal with the challenges of bridging culture, age and race.  Each episode deals with a different “gap” that Belle and Adam face as a couple.  From their 13 year age difference, to their vastly different cultural upbringing, to diverging career paths, these gaps are where the humour and heart resides.


Out With Dad


One of the most successful Canadian web series ever created, Out With Dad is a coming of age story of a teenager and her single father, dealing with her acceptance of her sexuality.   Since the web series premiered, it has garnered countless awards,  40,000 subscribers and over 25 million viewers on YouTube alone. 

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A frustrated woodworker leaves her hometown in the Maritimes to chase success in the big city, but finds only Bluebird - a failing woodshop run by a cast of misfits. Similar to the whimsical and earnest tone of Detectorists, Bluebird takes bits of dark satire, observational humour, and traditional sitcom elements, combining them into a melancholic, sincere comedy that isn’t afraid to tug at the heartstrings.


Section Z


Zombies are real and their wholesale extermination is big business for some of the most powerful corporations on earth. Section Z has become the biggest brand on the planet and live broadcasts of their “hunters” battling the zombie outbreaks are on TV screens worldwide. When Clara, a self-professed Section Z superfan, gets an  interview for her shot of joining the team,  she feels it is a dream come true.
Then she gets the job.




Kindergarten is a time for young minds to explore and grow.  It’s also a time for kids to test boundaries and act like absolute demons. When children say mean things it might seem adorable, but when their words are put into the mouths of adults, it takes on a different and very humourous tone.



Canada 1870: A Jamaican sugar trader, East Indian Coolie, Asian railway worker, a fleeing African American slave, meet in a chance altercation in Toronto... Together along with a First Nation’s guide, they decide to travel to the unsettled Canadian west to start new lives. They end up bringing their culture and ultimately new brand of law and order to the rough prairie landscape in a new settlement called “Greenhorn”.

Just Cuddle

Just Cuddle


Just Cuddle centers on Winter Shaw, an adrift young woman struggling with depression, who moves back to the city and becomes a professional cuddler. Stumbling upon this industry by chance, Winter soon feels connection with her clients, and begins the process of reclaiming her life.

Alternately hilarious and poignant, Just Cuddle will tell the stories of people who are desperate for connection, and desperately trying to find it. The series will capture what happens when we allow ourselves to be seen.  Watch here!

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Last Calling


Last Calling is a female-driven buddy comedy that explores both the challenges most millennials face when they’ve delayed choosing a career path and the obstacles many women encounter in the work force. It will not only take persistence, patience, and creativity for Reilly and Sasha to land the right job but also knowing themselves and what they really want.