Some projects we're working on...

Just Cuddle

Just Cuddle: Stories of a professional cuddle

Just Cuddle is a single-cam comedy centering on Winter Shaw, an adrift young woman struggling with depression, who moves back to the city and becomes a professional cuddler. Stumbling upon this industry by chance, Winter soon feels connection with her clients, and begins the process of reclaiming her life.

Alternately hilarious and poignant, Just Cuddle will tell the stories of people who are desperate for connection, and desperately trying to find it. The series will capture what happens when we allow ourselves to be seen.

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Invited Off Earth

With full access and support from both the CSA and NASA training programs, this compelling series follows rookie Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques as he prepares to be fired into space atop a Russian Soyuz rocket from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on November 23 2018 - at precisely 1100 Alma-Alta time. That’s the easy part of getting to the International Space Station – between now and then he needs to complete the hardest mental and physical training program on earth.


Mrs. Donnelly

Mrs. Donnelly is a six part one hour limited series exploring one woman’s quest to establish a new life in the New World that ultimately ends in the massacre of her family at the hands of her neighbours. This series will tell the story of the unlikely transformation of Johannah Donnelly from a strong-willed but unassuming Irish immigrant into the matriarch of a powerful and feared pioneer family. Johannah’s instinct for survival, and how it shaped her children, is the narrative heart of the series. This is the story of The Donnellys but told - for the first time - through the eyes of Mrs. Donnelly.


Peter n' Chris

Peter n' Chris is a genre-bending narrative-driven sketch show, based on the comedic style of three-time Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch duo Peter n' Chris.

The show centres on a ‘sketch show’ gone wrong: each week Peter and Chris earnestly try to perform their sketch show in front of a live studio audience. But every time the show about to start, something goes horribly wrong.  Sending Peter and Chris into a new sketch-driven and genre-drenched adventure-of-the-week.

Created by Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson


Catch 23

A longtime favourite of Toronto’s nighttime comedy club scene, Catch23 is a competitive and entertaining improv show highlighting the performances of Canada’s best improvisers. Teams compete against each other in three rounds of unscripted, uncensored, unfiltered fun, all in an effort to crack up and wow the studio audience. Our improvisers – at the mercy of audience suggestions, unknown sets, and mystery props – must create their winning scene on the spot, while off-screen, a chaos-causing Tech Master guides the performers with lights and music. Each week, a new celebrity guest judge presides over the craziness, critiquing our improvisers’ performances and assigning scores. Working together, the audience and judge will ultimately declare the winning team.
Created by Gary Rideout Jr.